Jun 26th

MiC’s Weekly Roundup #302!

By Cyprus Mum


Well, school is over for the next three months (Yey! :-/ ???) and we’re faced with the wonderful prospect of a long hot summer ahead of us! Don’t forget, Summer School is not just an alternative childcare option; it can also be a chance for your child to learn a new skill or try out an activity before enrollment in September! If you didn’t do so earlier in the month, check out our great “Top Picks Summer 2017” guide, with school and activity options for all ages across all areas of Cyprus! http://bit.ly/2qUMXmL

 #WEDNESDAYWIN – Don’t forget the “I LOVE DADDY” draw!

In honour of Father’s Day earlier in the month, we posted a new #WednesdayWin for you lucky members to enter the draw to win

Jun 19th

MiC’s Weekly Roundup #301!

By Cyprus Mum


Father's Day

We hope our Cyprus Dads found a great way to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend in style! We at MiC want to celebrate the fantastic way that active Dads contribute, sometimes so differently to us Mums, while also recognizing the importance of different parenting roles within a family. To all Dads that are here, were there… To single Dads, Gay Dads, Grandads… and also to all those wonderful women doing it on their own – we salute you!

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK and a #WednesdayWin for our Dads!

MAΜ Original – inspired by babywear!

MAM Original

The MAM Original soother is one of their most popular soothers and no wonder with so many different designs and colours to choose from! The SkinSoftTM Silicone surface feels completely

Jun 17th

Product of the Week - Father's Day #WednesdayWin!

By Cyprus Mum

MAΜ Original – inspired by babywear!

MAM Original

The MAM Original soother is one of their most popular soothers and no wonder with so many different designs and colours to choose from! The SkinSoftTM Silicone surface feels completely familiar which means that 94% of babies happily accept the teat while the symmetric shape ensures that the MAM Original is always in the right position. Generous air holes make sure that plenty of air reaches the skin and the curved shield means maximum comfort.

The MAM Original was designed in collaboration with dentists for healthy jaw and tooth development and with its convenient steriliser box it can be easily taken along and sterilised anywhere.

The MAM Original is available in the sizes 0-6, 6+ and 16+ months in a choice of colours and designs at pharmacies throughout Cyprus.

We've got THREE DOUBLE-PACKS of the MAM Original to give away, in "I LOVE DADDY" (pink or blue) in celebration of Father's Day 2017!

MAM Original Blue

Jun 14th

Beeswax can fight eczema

By georgies mummy

Hey mamas!

I've been dealing with eczema since Georgie was three years old. He gets it so badly at times it makes me sad. That's mainly why I feel quite silly for not giving beeswax a go until now.

This specific type I recently tried on both boys is miraculously amazing. Made in Cyprus and 100% natural it has managed to clear up their skin and keep it moisturised. 

Check out the story on the blog. 

Peace and love


Jun 14th

How to Keep a Tidy House with Small Children

By IslaWright

Having a clean home while at the same time having small children seems like a dream, but it’s not impossible. Kids know how to make a mess and it seems even harder to teach them how to clean up after themselves. Sometimes, you will be way too tired to clean all the mess that’s just sitting there waiting for you. However, there are a few tricks that can help you maintain your house tidy without to too much effort, so read carefully.

Set rules and stick to them

If you want to be able to have light colored furniture and plenty of accessories, and not have to worry about them, set up some rules and stick to them. For example, you don’t have to ban all

Jun 14th

Spotlight on Penelope Magoulianiti, Author and Entrepreneur

By Cyprus Mum

We have many working mothers in our MiC community, whether as employees in companies or self-employed and running their own business.

All have one thing in common: trying to achieve a harmonious work/life balance under sometimes very stressful circumstances.

Being your own boss however, has the added pressure of financial responsibility - when there’s no monthly income guarantee the daily challenges seem greater. On the other hand it is endlessly rewarding to be fulfilling your dreams and ambitions, and these mumpreneurs often are an inspiration to others.

Our interview blog puts the spotlight on these entrepreneurial women among us: who are they, what do they do and how do they do it.

Today it is our pleasure to introduce Penelope Magoulianiti, entrepreneur, speaker and Author of Women, Motherhood and Independence – A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty & Confidence After Childbirth.

How and when did you come up with the idea for your business and what inspired you to become self-employed?

I decided to become self-employed after the bail-in that happened in Cyprus in March 2013. I used to work at the Private Banking of Laiki Bank when it happened and even though I had a good position at the bank, I decided that my health and well-being were

Jun 12th

Most Stressful Situations for Kids and How to Deal with Them

By Tracey

Stressful situations such as divorce, major illness or financial problems can result in intense feelings both in children and adults. When parenting during such periods, bear in mind that stress may affect your child differently from how it affects you as a parent. Here’s how you can help your children cope with some of the most difficult situations.


Illness is a significant stress or for the entire family, regardless of whom it affects. Children find comfort in routines. Try to maintain the same rituals, whether it’s the time you eat dinner, a regular homework time, or the Friday night movie tradition. Resist the urge to overindulge or overprotect your children. That only seems like you doubt their competence

Jun 12th

MiC’s Weekly Roundup #300!!!

By Cyprus Mum


Hiphip hooray! We’re celebrating our 300th MiC Weekly Roundup Newsletter today! Thank you to all you loyal members who have been with us since our ‘birth’ back in 2010 and welcome to all our new members who have joined since… our community is growing bigger and stronger by the year! We look forward to more fun and adventures as we continue our journey together!

SOOTHERS – How to Say Good Bye!

If you missed our MiC Exclusive last week, check out this informative blog from MAM Baby Cyprus: http://bit.ly/2rAnVLx

MAM Cyprus Blog

They’ve got some great tips on how to wean your toddler off their soother and some links to colouring and upcycling activities that you can utilise to ease this sometimes difficult process!


We’ve seen and have been posting a lot of articles, blogs and videos on Social Media recently about learning to love our post-birth (however many years later that may be! J) bodies. This week Eleni (aka Georgie’s Mummy) talks about how she has also learnt to love her Mummy Tummy. Bravo Eleni on an honest portrayal of the one

Jun 9th

Learning to love my mummy tummy

By georgies mummy

Hey mamas.

So the summer season is here. Who's ready to rock a bikini or a bathing suit? I am! After ridiculing my body for years and feeling ashamed of my flabby parts and mummy tummy, I am finally letting go and learning to love my body. I am also demanding that we start normalising our bodies, ladies. 

After all we made and birthed human beings. Of course nothing will ever be the same again. Accepting the changes and enjoying life. 

Read all about my journey and a few photos I never thought i would publish on the blog. 

Peace and love mamas


Jun 7th

Soothers – How to Say Good Bye!

By Cyprus Mum

MAM Baby The following information is kindly provided by MAM Baby.

MAM Baby

Dear Parents,

There comes a time when it is necessary to say good bye to soothers and so this month we will talk about the best ways to approach this difficult subject. 

Three years is enough

With the third birthday comes the final farewell to the soother for many children. The set of baby teeth is complete and in order that teeth and jaws can continue to develop healthily, it is necessary for the child to give up their soother. As a matter of fact, the sucking reflex is gradually weakening from around the second birthday when the toddler is learning to chew. Apart from this, little chatterboxes have less time to suck and chattering is really only possible without a soother in their mouth.

Bye-bye soother

Some children find parting from soothers easy whereas others cling to the habit. It is not always easy to give up something you have learned to love. Parents’ patience and creativity are often required here but even if it's difficult you need to remain consistent. Cuddling gives a sense of security, games distract and