Do cockroaches feel pain?

Published by: Cyprus Mum on 11th Apr 2010 | View all blogs by Cyprus Mum
I don't know and to be honest, I certainly don't care.
My relationship with cockroaches has always been really bad. Give me spiders and snakes anytime, but cockroaches gross me out. Since I became a mum however, it has changed. From total disgust and absolute refusal to approach them, to total disgust and absolute determination to terminate them. I just can't stand the thought of these creatures even coming close to my sons!
So far, in the last couple of summers since the boys were born, we have been successful in avoiding an encounter between kids and roaches. But as they grow older and more curious (our children, not the cockroaches)  I am sure this year will be slightly more challenging.

So you can imagine my delight and infinite joy when I come out of the bathroom - NOT! There it is, the first specimen of 2010, running past my feet into the office room. Aaargh! It's only April, where did the bugger come from?? I quickly grab one of the toy stacking cups lying on the floor and try to capture the creature under it. Initially it looks like a no-win situation, but my killer instinct proves stronger than its futile attempts at getting past me and I manage to trap it, squashing one of its legs slightly in the process. Sooo disgusting! For good measure I place a thick book on top, just in case the cockroach decides to do a runner dragging the cup along. Feeling no remorse whatsoever, eventhough this probably amounts to animal torture, I go to bed. Maybe cruel, but hey.  I do respect all living creatures.  Plants, animals, humans. But that doesn't mean I want to share my home with them all!

This was last night, my husband was at work, and I couldn't face finishing off the job alone. Teamwork I thought, he can flush it down the toilet in the morning! And so he did. Happy end.

We are definitely calling the pest control roachbusters first thing Monday morning. Can anyone recommend a good one in Limassol? As environmentally friendly and toxic free as possible? In the past, we have been known to pour a gallon of petrol down the toilet into the sewerage system (extremely efficient I must say)...but I would of course favour a more save-the-planet approach. Being a parent does change your outlook.

P.s. Did you know that a cockroach can live for up to one week without its head! How can that not be disgusting?



  • cathy
    by cathy 7 years ago
    Well I am glad theres someone else who detests those things as much as I do. I've been
    here 28 years and I will never get used to them. I am on constant alert for them when the weather gets hotter, yes April seems pretty early. My language deteriorates to foul swear
    words when I encounter a cockroach and I am like a raving banshee running with my mop
    to kill it. They make my flesh crawl.
  • ErgoMaxxie
    by ErgoMaxxie 7 years ago
    Hi ladies, unbelievable.... this morning I was in the basement and I also saw the first cockroach! Ok, the very first was in February and it seemed that this creature got lost for some reason in our living room and I did not think about it, if it is to early or not.
    However, I agree, it is disgusting to have them in the house. .... Yes, Cyprus Mum, you are correct: "I do respect all living creatures. Plants, animals, humans. But that doesn't mean I want to share my home with them all!"... the same with me. But I am ok to kill them with the appropriate foam. It is a good feeling to have a bit space in between, isn´t it? ...ok, and my partner can remove it - teamwork ;-). But how will it be when we will have them in the living room.... our son is able to walk .... so I think I have to bring myself to remove them. urgh!
    Finally, I would like to tell you one important information regarding the cockroaches: Please don´t slay (?) them. As far as I know the cockroaches are carrying their eggs with them, which will be scattered as soon as you slay them. The main creature is killed but soon you can find the little ones... .
  • sparkle 3
    by sparkle 3 7 years ago
    Hello girls, i just cant stand the though of them let alone see them. My skin just starts to quiver!!!!!!!!!! you know the best thing is to get in a pest control it really helps last year we had quite a few cockroaches roaming around inside and of course there a few old houses we got the outide sprayed and down the sinks etc it really worked.. yeah no more cockroaches and no more ants. It does smell a bit but its for the best. I dont want to see another cockroach. Well before we built our house we lived in an older house which my mother-in-law gave us. Talk about cockroaches... upstairs was my daughter's room so one afternoon i went upstairs there were not just one but three two of them had WINGS eeh! i could have died i was going to mop upstairs so i was swinging my mop in the air thinking i could swipe the (out comes the french words) it must have looked a sight all anyone could see was a mop swaying back and forth in the air what the neighbours thought i could care i screamed. can you imagine that. Well thats one episode the next episode was when we went to our flat in proteras there was never any cockroaches there until one day we went in their was several we was invaded by cockroaches i think i must have scared by hubby he saying dont panic i said what are you nuts i hate those bloody things kill em! kill em! it was the drains that caused them to come through our sink holes so every time i go there it just a habit i always look under my bed here and there my hubby thinks i nuts. He says just tread on them i say NO just hearing that crunch it curls my stomache up...... thank god they disppeared or have they. I also hate bees especially today i yesterday i heard a big buzzing it was a gigantic bee not saturating it buzzed like crazy i flew like the wind into my kitchen door. Phew!! has anyone else got some stories????
  • Cyprus Mum
    by Cyprus Mum 7 years ago
    You are so right, the flying ones are the worst!!!
  • cathy
    by cathy 7 years ago
    Well one of my worst cockroach experiences is laying in bed in the dark and suddenly having a creepy roach sitting on my cheek (BEAT THAT) Talk about have a coronary!! I have since then got fly screens through out my whole house. The best money ever spent. They really help with all crawlies, including mossies. At least I can sleep more soundly in the summer. So whose got a worse 'cocky' story, that might even beat another member of my families story. He was sitting on the loo in Nicosia doing what comes naturally when a
    cocky crawled up his bum! Talk about s--t yourself.
  • Cyprus Mum
    by Cyprus Mum 7 years ago
    Well cathy, you certainly win!! I felt sick just reading your comment, d i s g u s t i n g !!!!!!
  • sparkle 3
    by sparkle 3 7 years ago
    Cathy, that is just disgusting. Just think of it SITTING on the loo dont worry i always check my loo when i'm at my flat in proteras as i know they can get in the most unpleasant places but crawling up his bum uuggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
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