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Hello, my name is Carine. My husband and I moved to Cyprus in 2005 and we have two little boys who make us laugh a lot.

Before embracing motherhood I used to be a perfectly content workaholic in the glamorous world of international luxury hotels. Then, one fine day, I traded it all in for even greater happiness and bliss in the just-not-so-glamorous world of mums.

And I am loving every minute of it. Ok, so maybe not every minute (potty training anyone?), which is why I believe all mums should stick together. After all, parenting is a whole new world with - let's face it - ups and downs.

That's how I got the idea for 'Mums in' back in 2010. I was looking for an online platform to connect with other mothers in order to share experiences, seek advice and make new friends. Scouring the internet I found plenty of wonderful sites offering exactly that. But none were in Cyprus. I could not stop thinking that if I was looking for a local network of mums other women must be too, and indeed, it seems that way!

Six years on we are a multicultural community made up of 24 nationalities and meet both online and offline. We organise Meet-a-Mum events across the island (sometimes a coffee morning, sometimes a girls night out :-) and hold an annual Mums2Be & Baby Day Expo where mumpreneurs can showcase and sell their services and products. Every Monday brings you our Weekly RoundUp e-newsletter and we also keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

The journey so far has been most enriching and I am delighted that Mums in Cyprus just keeps growing. Without each and every one of our over 2200 registered members this site would just be a web address.

Join us! I look forward to seeing you online and if you wish to contact me directly you are more than welcome to do so via or by calling 7000 3077.

Enjoy the site!

Carine x

Hi, I'm Kat - a newly joined member of the MiC Team, responsible for bringing you the latest news and up-to-date content on what's available for you and your family in your area.

I've lived in Cyprus for eight years with my husband and our two bilingual and energetic kids. I've got a background in the Arts and Social Sciences and interest in Crafting, Cooking and Photography, I've been a stay-at-home Mum for some time now and am only just finding my feet - or hands should I say - as I learn to juggle work with the joys and demands of a growing family.

It took me some time to settle into my life in Cyprus... But this beautiful little place won me over and now I love it, despite its quirks and my irks (driving in Limassol anyone!?!)... I love that we can be walking in the snow-covered mountains of Troodos in the morning and be swimming in Limassol by the afternoon... That I can go to weekly markets and buy armfuls of fresh produce grown locally on small farms. I love the energy and entrepreneurship of everyone trying to make a life here, sometimes in incredibly imaginative ways... And I love the chances I've had to meet new and interesting people, each with their own story to tell...

I truly feel that there's a lot happening on our little island... but it sometimes takes A LOT of searching to find it. Likewise, it can be really hard to connect with other Mums and Dads when changing life-stages with a growing family; when first arriving in Cyprus or just when changing cities. This is where we at MiC come in! We aim to make it easier for you to find other parents out there, with kids the same age as yours - and also to be able to serach easily for the right activity, kindergarten or doctor for your child. Life can be hard enough as a new parent or in a new place without any added difficulties. We hope that you find our site useful in making those connections and in joining the wonderful community of Mums in Cyprus!

See you online!

Kat x

Here is what some of our happy members say about Mums in Cyprus

I love Mums in Cyprus. Everything is so well put together, upcoming events, playgroups, concerns and everything you need to know for Mums in Cyprus. It really is a place where we all get together!    ~ Charoulla Neocleous / Little Kickers Franchisee

I joined Mums in Cyprus not long after it's launch and I found it a great help as I had only recently moved to Cyprus and was disappointed to find very little information online about bringing up kids in Cyprus. I think they've done a fantastic job creating an online community for all Mums (and Dads) to get together and share information, stories and help each other along this brilliant but confusing and sometimes hard going parenting lark! I'm really pleased to be a part of the site and can see it going from strength to strength in the future.    ~ Emma Martin / Dherynia

We moved to Cyprus a year ago from the UK so I searched online for information and help for mums with young children and was delighted to find the Mums in Cyprus website where the information is current and continually updated. I contacted some of the members using the Groups page that lived in the Limassol area where we were going to be moving to and quickly got responses with really helpful tips and advice from mums already living here. From there it has been a much easier transition into life here in Cyprus. I do strongly believe that I would have felt much more isolated and it would have been much harder to meet people and develop a social circle both for myself and my son if I hadn't found the Mums in Cyprus website.     ~ Charlotte Scargill / Limassol

Our Mums in Cyprus! Little Einsteins Parents and Toddlers Group Limassol couldn't have done it without them. "Where we all get together" is so true. You want: to Advertise; Events; new acquaintances/get together with mummies and babies; Queries; Directory......the list is endless! Feel you are in a pickle how to go about "Mums in Cyprus"? No them and they will, without delay, simplify things for you and reply with the best form of info/details you actually need. Believe me, and without fail. So yep my dear mummies, "Mums in Cyprus" for you and our Little Einsteins Parents and Toddler Group Limassol. We're like a family!    ~ Dina and Maria Theocharous / Little Einsteins